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Vitamin C and Your Skin Health

28th Dec 2020

Vitamin C and Your Skin Health

We’ve all heard that vitamin C is good for us in so many ways. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the skin health benefits vitamin C delivers? At Naturally G4U, we believe in vitamin C. We’re excited to tell you all the reasons it belongs in our natural beauty products and supplements — and in your daily routine.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C occurs naturally in both the dermis and epidermis. Vitamin C addresses inflammation and promotes collagen synthesis. When you’re younger, you have higher levels in your skin. But age causes vitamin C levels to decline. So does exposure to UV light and pollutants like cigarette smoke and ozone. Good news: both dietary and topical vitamin C products can benefit skin cells. Studies show that topical application delivers help where the skin needs it most.  

Vitamin C offers a natural solution to all sorts of skin problems.

Oxidative damage from environmental causes — Free radicals can directly damage skin, as well as lowering levels of vitamin C and decreasing collagen synthesis. But don’t despair, even if you’re subjected to ozone, cigarette smoke, and other environmental nasties. Include pure, nature-powered products in your beauty routine to get vitamin C levels back up and increase collagen protein synthesis.

Photodamage from sunlight — Ultraviolet (UV) light harms skin. That’s why we wear sunblock, which absorbs light and prevents it from penetrating the skin. Vitamin C works at a different level — helping increase collagen synthesis that can check and repair photodamage.

Wrinkles from aging — Wrinkles happen over time. Vitamin C helps here, too, contributing to decreased wrinkling by addressing age-related structural changes in the interface between the dermis and epidermis.

Dry skin — Everyone can relate, right? Skin gets dry. Studies show that vitamin C can decrease dryness and roughness.

Wound healing Vitamin C can reduce the inflammation of acne breakouts.

See? Vitamin C does so much good for skin.  Learn more about the science of vitamin C in skin care at this very informative Oregon State University web site.

And start putting vitamin C to work for you with any of these Naturally G4U products.

GLOW GIRL high-C brightening serum
with 20% vitamin C, 4% lemon peel ferment

BEAUTY HAS NO AGE retinol anti-wrinkle serum
with vitamin C, vitamin A, meadowfoam seed oil

CLEAR YOUR SKIN tox-block & cleanse
with NAC, L-glycine, aplpha lipoic acid, milk thistle, vitamin C, picrorhiza kurroa, curcumin